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Do you know the "Rain City"?

Welcome to Indonesia! Today we have an appointment via video conference with students from the SMA Dwiwarna Boarding School in Bogor on the island of Java.

The island kingdom of Indonesia is located directly on the equator and consists of a whopping 17,508 islands. Of these, however, only 6044 are inhabited. These include Bali, Sumatra and Borneo, which are very popular holiday destinations.

However, most of the inhabitants of Indonesia live on Java, just like our friends from Bogor. Bogor has the nickname "Rain City" because it rains there almost every day until late at night. There are even thunderstorms about 320 times a year.

The students come from all parts of the country and live there in the boarding school. They only go home to their families on the weekends so that they can rest well after studying. And because it's always so hot in Indonesia, they even have a school pool where they can cool off. Temperatures are averaging around 30°C all year round, so there is no winter to speak of.

Everyone introduces themselves with their own name and tells something about their interests and hobbies.

They have prepared photos of their school to show us.

Sophie heard on the news that there was an earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok and is very concerned. That's why she's the first to ask if they're all okay and if anything has happened to them. Thank god they tell us that they didn't feel any of this on Java. Boy are we relieved to hear that!

The football World Cup is on and the Indonesian students are very interested in it. That's why they want to know from us how we feel about the early elimination of the German team. In our conversation we learn that they also enjoy listening to pop music and reading Harry Potter, Kir Royal and even Homer. Homer was an ancient Greek author and epic poet, i.e. his works are well over 2000 years old. German is also taught at the SMA Dwiwarna Boarding School, so the students there read and learn the poems and stories in our language. We are truly impressed.

Our Berlin kids would like to know why the boys all have hats on their heads. Is that part of your school uniform? No, they tell us, they wear the hat to pray. Because they have just come out of the mosque.

People in Indonesia eat rice three times a day. A well-known Indonesian dish is Nasi Goreng for example. You've probably heard of it before or even tried it yourself. However, our friends' favourite dish is a typical Indonesian noodle soup called Indomie.

In between we sing and laugh so much that time really flies. We genuinely had heaps of fun. And we look forward to seeing our friends from the world's largest island nation again!

A special thanks goes to their teacher, Siti Samsiah, for the excellent organisation and management of our video conference

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