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"We are learning for our future."

Video conference with students in Jordan.

This time we're going live to Jordan. We are very happy about the exchange with students from the Ahliyyah School for Girls and Bishop’s School Amman for Boys (Ahliyyah & Mutran).
Ahliyyah & Mutran was founded in 1926 and is one of the oldest schools in Jordan.


The students from Amman introduce us to their home country in a presentation. We also learn that in addition to their native Arabic, they also learn English, French and German at Ahliyyah & Mutran.

And so most of the questions are asked in German. However, communication in English or Arabic is not a problem either. Many thanks to Radwan for the translation.

So if you want to learn interesting facts about the country of Jordan and also want to know:

  • why the children learn German there,
  • what festivals they celebrate,
  • the duration of a school lesson in Jordan
  • who the Jordanian head of state is

then please click on the audio player above!

Our special thanks goes to Ms. Suzan Morcos and Ms. Susanne Wagemann from the Bishop’s School Amman for Boys, who made this interview possible.

If you want to learn more about the school, click here!

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