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Le futur du Maroc10/31/2014

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Our 1st Children’s Parliament session on the future!



Wow! We made it: The first Children’s Parliament about the future we want in our school EVER!We held it in the context of “World We Want”, which is a global discussion about the future; a global forum of “normal” people like us, organized by theUnited Nations. OK. First, we elected two presidents, one boy; one girl.


Then, we jumped right into it. We had a fantastic session on the future. One focus was the use of technology for a traffic system that is safe, fast – and “green”. We came up with many ideas, e.g. trains that can fly to stop the increasing traffic problems; ships that are driven by wind energy nnd do not spoil the water with their oil, vehicles driven by solar power and much more.

Radijojo’s founder Thomas encouraged us to develop courageous visions, to use science and technologies to solve concrete pressing problems. He also remembered us to use technology wisely and only for good purposes: ‘If hi-tech is in the wrong hands, it can create a lof of harm’. But in the hands of  goodhearted people like you, he said, it can turn into a powerful tool for the good of all of us.


It was a vivid session. We had a team of reporters blogging live on the disussion.

Our presidents did a great job, sometimes calling for order with their symbolic hammer, like they have in real parliaments! :)

Many thanks for this wonderful “futuristic” experience of democracy, arts – and joy!







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