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Le futur du Maroc09/24/2014

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Hello Germany!


Salam Aleikum!

We are the kids from Tamansourt, a small town near Marrakech.

We are 50 kids in the Radijojo workshop.

The youngest in our group is six, the oldest 14.

We want to tell you a bit about our hometown, about our country and about our live here.


Please enjoy – and pleeeeeze answer our many many questions:  Here are our hobbies: We love to make drawings, football, swimming and many other this. 

We are  Bouchra, Ouissal, Rachid, chaima, Jihan, Hind, Hafsa, Oussama, Mouhamed, Saber, Omar… our ages are between 7 to 14 years old and we are from Tamanssourt in the region of Marrakesh which is very nice and touristic city, we thank you for the peace symbol picture we really like it. We have talents like drawing, swimming, Basketball, Football…

Here are our questions for you: 
Where do you live? 
Do you have a special talent? 
Do you live in a good street? 
What’s your name? 
How is your life? How old are you? 
We want to invite you to come to Morocco!

Omar: I have a question can we share our work with you too?
Salma: Could you send us some informations about Germany?
Oumaima: What do you do in your free times? Do you have any idea on how can we communicate with each other?
Mouhamed: You are welcome to visit us in Tamansourt!
Zouhair: How is the lifestyle in Germany?  And how is the Education system there? Do you have some Touristic Monuments?
Taha: We heard about the economic crisis in the whole word but in Germany they don’t have this problem could you tell us why?
Salma: We will be happy if you visit us in Morocco and also I will be very happy to visit your country as well.
Chaima: Do you live in a beautiful city too? Do you have some conflicts wither people?
Chaima: Could you tell us how did you make the peace symbol out of flowers and how long it took to make it? Could you introduce yourselves too?


This is our contribution the the Global Alliance on Partnerships for Media and Education Literacy (GAPMIL), the Global Education Conference, the World Summit on Media for Children and the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Handbook for Intercultural Citizenship in the EUROMED region.






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