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Le futur du Maroc06/26/2012

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My rap for the children


Salut from Marrakech!

This is my song for all the children in the world that suffer from unfair living conditions. Check it out: Here is my song !




NOUREDDIN RAOUGUI ne le 17/02/1993 a marrakech I start writing my music in 2000 I fecte the object that I lived whin I was a kid I start siging for :le giniration maghribine pour les artists in2001 I signe whith theme :my dreme in 17/07/2001 after that I do a signe with hite radio the single :brouther raougui thise signe filed afther I gite a prometion to signe in san fistival in 2003 hire I signe abothe the explusion of casa blanca and about the earthquek of alhoussaima and in 2004 I signe in trom plan of casa of the artist DDASSOKINE whine they honored hime afther that I participate in ride bole compitition in 2005 afther I came to marrakech sens 2005 intil now Isigne in ghnawa fistival in essaouirra and giniration mawazin in rabat and timitar in youtheagadir I mete the manager Mr ABD ALGHANI BAKHACHE here in the youthe association of devlopement and cultur whine I mete the RADIJOJO I agred whithe theme to singe a sogne coldet WELDE AZANCA whed thanks ovry whan help me :TOM and NICOLE and STIFAN and MOUNI the storme gay and spicialy Mr ABDELGHANI BAKHACHE and also my freinds WELD ACHAAB




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