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Le futur du Maroc06/28/2012

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Dounia: The Importance of Learning Foreign Languages


Nowadays, we notice that the Moroccans are interested in speaking many languages fluently. As a student at university studying English, I can speak French, Arabic I would like to learn as many languages as possible. But I live in a small city called El kalaa Des Sraghna; it is located in the center of Morocco. It is known by its agriculture meaning that most of its inhabitants are farmers. This can be considered as an obstacle which hinders people to learn to speak many languages except the language with which they have grown up with.

Т Т Т  Having discussed the present I would be very useful to discuss whether people were addicted at devoted to learn foreign languages or they limited themselves to their mother tongue. It is indisputable that colonization hasТ  an impact on the Moroccans especially when it comes to learning foreign language. The center of Morocco was colonized by France, but in its south and north was colonized by Spain. Since my town is located in center most people would speak French but not all of them, for example my mother can speak no language except her tongue language. Furthermore, in spite of my father has not been attended a school, he can understand and speak little French because he has been working with French colonizer so he got the language. The same thing happened with the Moroccans in south and north.

Т Т Т  Being young is something that I consider as a motivation for me to create new ways for learning foreign languages in my town. Iт€™ve gone through deep thinking, so as to discover a method and a way which has never been used and which must be effective to teaching foreign languages in my town. I got to the idea which is creating an association, which I will name as т€œcome all to learn a new languageт€ in which I can increase peopleт€™s awareness about the importance of learning languages. I will also invite foreign teachers to give their lectures in my newly found association using modern technology such as computers, power pointт€І. Furthermore, I will make sure that all people including the young and the elderly will benefit from this teaching.

To conclude, I strongly believe that my association will make people feel the sweetness of learning new languages, I would also like to say that people must try to acquire foreign languages; no matter how old they are because I do believe in the proverb which goes т€œnever old to learnт€.

Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т  Dounia.

PS: This was my very first own blog post, created during the training on the workshop venue. Pretty easy…Т  You can make it, too! ;)




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