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Le futur du Maroc06/28/2012

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Samira & Aimad: Our essay for good education


Hi everyone!

My name is Samira, I’m 21 years old and I’m studying in the English department. It’s my 3rd and last year. My topic is education and I choosed my hometown to talk about it. I want to discribe the circumstances of schools and education there. And I hope that my essay would help and throw a light on this issue.

Ok, as you already know my name is Aimad, i am 21 years old, i study English in “cadi ayyade” university of Marrakech. I live in Marrakech. The reason why i choose this topic is that i want to give an idea about the education system in our country which is really weak, hoping that the situation will change in the future.

Please click here to listen to it!

Many thanks to Aimad who wrote this with me. See the full essay script below.
Please feel invited to discuss with us. Greetings from Marakech!



Education is the corner stone of any developing society, it is the key through which we can improve our life standers, express ourselves, and speak our mind. But, in Morocco education is anything but organized, successful and powerful system. It is neglected and only few care about it especially in rural areas.

Azilal, is my hometown, I was born in one of its rural areas. I was lucky because we moved from there and I get the chance to complete my studies, but there are a lot of children who still living there, they face plenty of problems, they have to walk half an hour twice a day to reach the so т€“called school- which is nothing but a room, where all students gathered, even though they study in different levels and thought by the same teacher. In winter things get worse, since the roads get slippery and impossible to cross them due to snow and heavy rains. It is quiet difficult to solve problems like these because there are no associations that gives priority to education.

These issues are not new, they are rooted in previous generations, let us take my parents as an example, they are not educated for the simple reason that they were no schools at the time, except the traditional one where the only thing that they do is memorizing the Coran, so there was no languages or subject matter.

My hometown is a life example of the situation of education in Morocco, but things should not remain the same. The coming generation rely on us to afford them with suitable education system. Through different activities we would help those kids to get their own right in education. We as youth should struggle to afford them with better schools that contains more than a single classes, good teachers, and libraries with access for all, not only but also to provide them with new technologies that definitely would make the presses of learning easier.

Samira Ed-dayry

Aimad El-gnaoui



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