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Le futur du Maroc07/02/2012

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Younes: My call for a world of peace and humanity


My name is Younes. I’m from Marrakech. I thought about brotherhood between human kinds and the perspectives of the relationship between nations. Please share your thoughts!

We and others: Historical analyze, present facts and future vision

Through the History others are generally considered as monsters, Berbers and even animals. It may appear evil to present others in an under human state but when we meditate we could clearly see that is in reality an ethical act. In fact human nature reject killing each other, so before killing a human we must be sure that we had transformed him, even in our imagination, to a horrible monster.

In my own context, Arab civilization call others т€œAAJAMт€ which mean animal, even more, our land is called peace land and others is a war land. The same concept in Greece civilization: either youт€™re a native citizen or a Berber. Generally speaking, every civilization that leads one time looks down others regardless her religion, race or color.

The holy Quran was very clear in this point: O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. A clear approach to express humanity mission statement regardless diversity.

In the 18 century a human centered philosophical vision was emerging in Europe. Montesquieu was a great representer of this т€œhuman orientedт€ philosophy when he quoted: т€œI am a man by nature and by French accidentт€, a clever manner to express his humanity tendencies.

Nobody can deny that the majority of the world believes in our human appurtenance, our common-ethical sense and our right to live. Just look around you and you will concretely see examples that prove that. The Principe of citizenship is a huge step in this sense and ironically we can see population from occupied/occupying countries lives together in one community (generally in the occupying country). This human feeling of our appurtenance is shocked from time to time by some horrible incidents. Evasion of Iraq, Afghanistan is an example; this shock is generally associated with an atmosphere of hate and eventually violence.

Our future vision tips could be sum up in 4 points:

  • War can never be the solution: every nation when it declares war in order to realize its own justice must be sure that the first killed in this stupid war is justice!! And the only looser is the whole humanity;
  • If you could kill me today Iт€™ll be able to kill you tomorrow: itт€™s very clear from Historical perspective that power roam from one nation to another and if youт€™re the leader this days itт€™ll be sure that youт€™ll not tomorrow;
  • Perpetual dialogue is a must: Humankind divergence will never end. The holy Quran mention: т€œAnd if your Lord had pleased He would certainly have made people a single nation, and they shall continue to differт€. The bad interpretation of our divergence could be source of wars and crimes the only way to clarify our point of views; our perception is mutual dialogue that helps us to discover the beauty of each other. The dialogue must be also with those that we judge extremist, because the other alternative is killing each other!!
  • Love is the solution: In New York University an experiment was done in order to show us the central position of love in our professional and psychical life: a classroom was divided into two groups of student and just before each course,experiment responsible, rapidly showed to the student of the first group standard phrases like: we are in the room, we are in the street; the second group phrases were: me and my lovely mom are one soul, I love you. The result of the exam was very interesting: the success rate in the 2 group is more important than the first one and notes obtained in the second group is match higher than the first one. The message here love the other even if they fire you, punish you because they are youт€™re brother and that will affect your innovation, your production ability.

To sum up humanity is shifting from my own culture philosophy to my whole humankind vision. So letт€™s participate in this paradigm shift by accepting each other regardless our difference, our background believes, our culture and our ideological tendencies.



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