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Le futur du Maroc07/05/2012

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Ajoub: My ideas against school drop-out


Salut everyone, this is Ajoub.

Now it’s my turn, it seems…. Ok: Here are my ideas against school drop-out. What do you think about it?

Dropping out of School

School drop-outs is one of the most serious problems in morocco. Each year, almost 200,000 kids leave school before completing their primary education.

Actually, there are so many reasons that push the children away from their schools. According to researchers and government officials largely attribute the phenomenon to the ignorance of poor parents who do not realize the importance of education. Some parents, For instance, withdraw their kids from school due to the competing demands for household income which often push children to work. Drop out rates are higher among children of illiterate parents. These rates can be reduced if we sensitize parents about the essence of sending their kids to schools.

The most difficult part of the work is convincing parents.However, when we heard a boy missed a year of school to work for his family, or a girl forced to married in little age. The rates of school drop outs are increasing in rural areas.

Even where children complete a full primary cycle, but itт€™s not fair enough. Furthermore, we notice such inequalities between girls and their homologues boys, remain deeply rooted. In many families girlт€™s education is not seen as a priority and even where consideration is given to send girls to school. The real and perceived dangers associated with schools, acts as a major deterrent.

To sum up, education has an important role to play in the progress of every country. A real step change is needed awareness and changing radically the mentalities. Also the government should accord appropriate priority to investment in primary education and gender equality. And why not legislate a law which considerate the primary education as compulsory thing.




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