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Le futur du Maroc10/09/2012

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We learn how women can change the world


Yes, the world is unfair. Yes, Mother Nature is in danger. Yes, women and girls are not treated equal. But guess what: Our children’s reporters Mustapha, Mina and Mimai have found an answer that can help to solve those three main problems of mankind all at once!

Join us in our talks with Najat and her team of women here in Ourika. Together, they run a company owned by women who treat each other fair. This is what they call a ‘cooperative’, a form of business that is pretty different from a company where one big (mostly male) boss has all the say and takes all the profit. It is also pretty different from a big corporate selling cheap products that kick local farmers out of the market.

Let us explain this a bit:

  • The women care for the nature, by producing and selling natural products like Argan oil from an ancient tree that has been wiped out in many contries.
  • These women care for the community since they create jobs and futures for many families.
  • These women keep our traditional culture alive, while using modern life techniques of the internet at the same time.
  • And: these women are a role model for girls in Ourika, in Morocco and all over the world.

So enjoy listening and please share your thoughts and help us spread the word for the women’s cooperatives!

This project was brought to you in cooperation with FAO, the World Food Program of the United Nations.

It has been produced for the International Day of the Cooperatives, under the motto: “Cooperatives nourish the Planet!”



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