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Le futur du Maroc11/23/2012

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Our message to the Global Experts of UN AoC


Today, we had a V.I.P. in our school: A member of the “Global Experts” of United Nations Alliance for Civilizations. His name: Thomas Roehlinger, Founder & Editor in Chief of Radijojo who runs the workshop with us.

As one the “Global Experts, he writes articles promoting peace and understanding in the world. You can find them here:



Thomas invited us to record messages for the Global Experts that he would share with them. We instantly went for it, asking the Global Experts to support marginalized children and to create Peace in the world. Here is one of our messages that is going out to the UN in New York now. It is by Ouijdane:

“Hello. I am a human being. I have one wish. I want to ask the Global Experts for one thing: They must help all the people all around the world, without giving importance to their language or their country or their religion. We are all human beings, without telling ‘thats the Arabic and that’s the European’. We are all human beings. And we must help each other.”

Many thanks to the “Global Experts” and the UN Alliance of Civilizations!



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