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Le futur du Maroc11/29/2012

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Fatima: My World Summit Youth Award Experience


The World Summit Youth Award is one of my best experience, I actually went there as one of the winners of the WSYA & on behalf of the Radijojo team, the award was about youth whom take action in the millennium of developing goals in the process of radijojo aims that deserve this award as such.

It was a wonderful experience that I’ve ever had, from which I’ ve made lots of lovely friends from different countries and with whom I shared projects. And that was what really motivated me to take other  actions, thereby come up with something new and different for my lovely country , sharing an action in the development millennium goals is one of my aims and that what makes that experience worthwhile.

it was the first time i travel outside my country I was very excited, and meet exiting people exploring new educational systems remains the most exciting…..

it was very amazing experience… so just try to do something and have the chance to participate in the World Summit Youth Award … :)



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