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Le futur du Maroc02/16/2013

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UN Alliance of Civilizations Photo Competition 3: Religion


Wow – that was something very special: We have joined the Photo competition of the UN Alliance of Civilizations, on the occasion of its 5th Global Forum in Vienna/Austria!

More than 50 children and youth of our school joined in. As result, we are proud and excited that we successfully sent 11 entries of our young intercultural media activists & artists to the Vienna. We gave our very best; it was the first time for most of us that we participated in such an international activity.

We have worked in teams: We splitted in the three competition’s topics:

  • Perspectives on Religious Pluralismwhich you can see in this blog section 
  • A new Narrative on Diversity - (see here)
  • Freedom of the Media Matters! 



Two friends are sharing a moment of respect. The muslim girl is practising her worship and the her friend is looking at her in a respectful way.



We are all helping each other, a hand for a hand, and we are taking our hands with the meaning of solidarity and tolerance.



Two people of different color shake hands as a symbol of tolerance, solidarity and love.

Our pictures are the results a a lot of work we invested together in our entries. Here is the “Making of” our contributions:

First, we discussed the issues, drew sketches for the photos and noted our ideas.

All groups presented their reflections on the issues with the whole team. We recorded this with audio since all photos, the discussion and the making of will be displayed in our blog futur.edublogs.org to share it with as many kids in Morocco and beyond as possible.

Then, each group splitted into sub-groups working on their photo.

All the photo ideas are our own original ideas. We also shot most of the pictures themselves, learning how to use a professional camera.

All the descriptions for the pictures are also mostly made ourselves, too.

Please share feedback, ideas, comments!


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