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Le futur du Maroc02/18/2013

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We fight for the environment – with the United Nations!


We, the children of Morocco, call for action to save our environment. To raise our voice, we have joined an important global initiative of the United Nations called “World We want”.

And we got wonderful response from the United Nations, straightaway! (find below)

In this initiative, people around the world discuss the something like the “Global To-do-list”, like you may use at home with your family. But this global list is somewhat bigger:

It is about the most important things on Earth: How we all can work together after the year 2015. Then the so-called “UN Millennium Development Goals” shall be fulfilled.

001 002

003 004

005 006

013 018

023 029

037 039

Our contrubition for the World We Want global consultations of the United Nations Development program (UNDP):

The environment is a precious treasure that we should protect, and we ought to make the community aware of its importance in our life, to be good for living in the future,

Nowadays our environment is getting worst and worst; this is why we should start making new plans to protect it, since we are all responsible to protect it from many threats such as:

  • Garbage thrown by humans.
  • The use of the chemical pesticides.
  • Detachment gases from factories.
  • Increase the building over the green spaces.

We should bear in mind that if we didn’t keep the current environmental shape or even trying to make it better that we are risking on losing our environment, so to overcome those obstacles we have to work on:

  • Self-devolopment environment.
  • Take the next generation into our consideration.
  • Using recycling.

Everything about our environmental future depends on our behaviors as human beings.

And here is our gallery of drawings which we created:

IMG_0554 IMG_0555

Environment Marrakesh 2013 1IMG_0605 

Environment Marrakesh 2013 2IMG_0606 Environment Marrakesh 2013 3IMG_0607

Environment Marrakesh 2013 4IMG_0608 Environment Marrakesh 2013 5IMG_0609

Environment Marrakesh 2013 6IMG_0610 Environment Marrakesh 2013 7IMG_0611

Environment Marrakesh 2013 8IMG_0612 Environment Marrakesh 2013 9IMG_0613

Environment Marrakesh 2013 10IMG_0614 Environment Marrakesh 2013 11IMG_0615

Environment Marrakesh 2013 13IMG_0617 Environment Marrakesh 2013 14IMG_0618


And here is the great feedback we received from the United Nations:

Thank you! And bravo to the students of El Hamra Middle School. Their words are wise beyond their years given that they already know environmental sustainability is our common responsibility and its future depends on what we decide to do. Very happy to hear from the students and hope that they will continue on this path! 

Ms. Zehra Aydin, United Nations Development Programme



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