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Le futur du Maroc02/21/2013

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We meet World Summit Youth Award winner Fatima!


Imagine: Only a short time ago, Fatima Boulhdoud received the World Summit Youth Award in Canada; for her work with Radijojo in the field of media based education and the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

Today, she shared her experiences with us. Wow! We learned that she was participant in an earlier Radijojo workshop here in Morocco. And that’s how it all started… Fatima is a true role model for us now. We can make it, if we believe in ourselves and try to give our best. Many thanks, Fatima!!!

The Interview, reported by Fatima

Chariaa Alhamra middle school students asked me many questions about my experience during my attendance last year in The WSYA in Montreal, Canada. There questions were mainly about the way I felt when I first time heard that my name was in the winners list another question was about the way they welcomed me as first of all a Muslim and second of all as a Moroccan citizen and why I choose to wear the Moroccan traditional dress or what’s called ’’ The Qaftan’’ , one of their questions was about my ambitions and my next step in my career they have also asked if I went through any difficulties as a girl travelling alone and if the award did really encourage me to give more to my team and if I would like my children to go through the same experience in the coming future, but one of the important questions I’ve been asked was how did I meet Radiojojo crew.

Feedback about the interview with Fatima

We are proud of you as a Moroccan girl, especially when you wear the traditional costume.
It was a very joyful experience for you, we wish you all the best .
It was an exiting experience indeed we are proud of you and we want to be like you.
You learned many things because it was your first time abroad, it’s really amazing,
we learned from your experience that we just have to be ambitious in order to achieve what we really want for our future.



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