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Le futur du Maroc02/21/2013

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Welcome to our Chair El Hamra middle School!


Our school is in the center of the city of Marrakech – the heart of ancient Morocco that is one of the cultural and economic centres of our country today.

We are very happy to be part of the Radijojo family now.

In the following, we want to share some songs, self written poems and other impressions of our school life with you.

We hope you like it.

Welcome to our school! Welcome to Marrakech! Welcome to Morocco!

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IMG_0295 IMG_0297

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IMG_0396 IMG_0398

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IMG_0403 IMG_0405

workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1208 workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1242

IMG_0390 marrakech-workshop-group-pic-IMG_0859

workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1654 workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1655

workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1660 workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1664

workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1674 workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1685

workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1709 workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1714

workshop-marrakech-feb-13-IMG_1743 workshop-marrakech-feb-IMG_1720


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