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Le futur du Maroc05/15/2013

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Our message to the UN Youth Envoy


The United Nations have appointed a special envoy on Youth: Ahmad Alhendawi. In accordance with UN Secretary General Mr. Ban-Ki Moon, he will work to put youth related issues on the global agenda. This is something new – and it is very close to our mission.

Ahmad Alhendawit has invited the youth of the world to share questions with him – so we went straight for it. Here are our questions and ideas for him. Let’s see if we get some response from the UN….?!?

YouthEnvoy_Photo1-300x199 ws-asni-2013-IMG_3955

ws-asni-2013-IMG_3957 ws-asni-2013-IMG_3959

ws-asni-2013-IMG_3976 ws-asni-2013-IMG_3989

ws-asni-2013-IMG_4003 ws-asni-2013-IMG_4027


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