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Le futur du Maroc11/30/2013

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Global Education Conference Declaration – presented by…..us!

Bonjour, nous sommes des eleves du lycee moulay youssef de rabat-maroc. Nous avons lu la declaration et avons enregistree de vive voix. Amitie du maroc.

Hey everyone! Here is one of the most important messages for Education, Peace and Development of these decade. But…. hardly anyone knows it! Or do you? There you go….
This is why we recorded it, so you can share it as mp3 with all your friends and families. This idea came up in a workshop with Radijojo’s founder Thomas Rіhlinger, who is member of the advisory board of this unique international event. Ok, here it is – Please share! Comment! Like!

A Declaration of the Value of Global Education

Presented at the 2013 Global Education Conference www.GlobalEducationDeclaration.com

Because we are citizens of our individual nations and also part of a larger human family; Because it is important to learn about other cultures and to understand the similarities that unite us and the differences that define us; Because global understanding, empathy, and compassion depend and are built on communication, shared experiences, and relationships; Because we increasingly live in a “global village”; Because we increasingly work in geographically and culturally interconnected ways; Because we are interconnected physically and our ecological and resource-use decisions impact others; Because we share a world which appears to be increasingly fragile; Because complex worldwide problems need collaborative, cooperative, and intelligent solutions; Because wars, conflicts, abuse, slavery, misinformation, and other forms of oppression both exist and also exert powerful influences; Because we live in a world that is increasingly “flat” and where Internet technologies have dramatically increased the global connectedness of individuals and cultures; Because creation and sharing technologies of the Internet and the Web dramatically shift personal and community capacity; Because the world increasingly is our classroom;


We affirm the universal and inherent worth of every child; We affirm the deep importance of supporting learning opportunities for all people generally; We affirm especially the importance of providing wholesome and healthy learning opportunities for all children; We affirm the need to support the variety and uniqueness of learners, teachers, cultures, and circumstances; We affirm the importance of independent intellectual inquiry and thought; We affirm the value of connective technologies and their ability to provide broader learning and thinking experiences; We affirm the individual, cultural, and worldwide benefits of students learning about, from, and with peoples from around the world;


We declare the critical importance of helping our students, teachers, administrators, parents, and all others to connect globally and to learn from each other; we express appreciation for those who provide opportunities for such global learning activities; and we devote ourselves to furthering the cause of global education.

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