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Le futur du Maroc11/30/2013

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Hello Germany! <-> Hello Morocco!

“The message in the bottle strategy”!

We want to make contact with peers in Germany. But how? As our workshop is in the evening, we cannot make a video conference with a school in Germany. But we have found a way: “The message in the bottle strategy”! We have collected and recorded questions for the kids in Germany – and with help of Radijojo in Berlin, we received wonderful answers – from the Radijojo kids in Berlin! Sensational!!!

Here are the questions from us in Morocco

  • What is the system in school in Germany?
  • What is Morocco for you?
  • The difference between Morocco and Germany?
  • What are you doing everyday at school?
  • What is the famous food in Germany?
  • How is the relationship between Morocco and Germany?
  • What does the colours significance in the German flag?
  • All the Germans are Nazi or not?
  • Does German history influences your life?
  • What do you suggest for Morocco to visit first in Germany?
  • How do you see Germany in the future?
  • Who is the most popular person or artist in Germany?
  • What are the most interesting things that girls do there?
  • What are their traditions an culture in Germany?


 Answers to the questions of the students in Rabat by the Radijojo crew Salma, Alena and Hawra from Albert Gutzmann public primary school 

We like Morocco, it is a warm, beautiful country in Africa. I like it because there are many kids who can play there.

We like school, sometimes it is a bit hard though. But we like it because we will learn so that we know more and we can also play. We have math, German and sometimes we do field trips.
Our favourite subjects are sports, maths and German. In our afternoon club, we get presents if we have birthday.

The questions whether all Germans are nazis sounds a bit funny to us. There are some Nazis in Germany, but of course not all of the Germans, only a few.

The colours of the German flag mean Unity, Justice and Freedom

Angela Merkel is one of the most famous persons in Germany.

We think that the future of Germany will be positive, we hope. The good things should stay, and a bit less from the bad things.

The girls like to go shopping or simply meet and chat with their friends.

If you come to Germany, please visit the Brandenburg Gate, the television tower and the column of victory in Berlin

And here are questions from the children in Berlin to the kids in Morocco:
In which school do you go?
What do you do during the day?
How long do you stay awake?
How is it in Morocco?
What are your favourite songs?
Who is the most famous person of Morocco?


Many, many thanks, dear children in Berlin – we will answer your questions of course; and we are greatly looking forward to meeting you again!


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