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Le futur du Maroc04/30/2014

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Our questions to kids in Germany

Marocco - Germany

Dear friends in Germany;

we do not know you yet; but we want to reach out and make friends with you, across borders. We have collected many questions for you, We would be very happy to hear your answers….. And of course, you are invited to ask questions back! We are greatly looking forward to hearing from you soon!

The students of Chair el Hamra middle school

Marrakech, Morcco.

Here are our questions for you:

  • Kanza: What is your famous dish?
  • Fatimzahra: What is the culture of German?
  • Khaoula : What are the most famous historical monuments in Germany?
  • Mouhmed:What is the biggest forest in Germany? and what are the kind of trees you have ?
  • Assma: what is the most touristic city in Germany?
  • Nissrine: What are the traditions of Germany?
  • Chahrazad: what are the German Celebrations?
  • Halima: what are the other Languages you are studying in school?
  • Farah: What  are The traditions of your celebrations?
  • What do you know about the Moroccan historical monuments?
  • Fatimzahra: What is you religion in Germany?


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