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Le futur du Maroc05/06/2014

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Our messages for the Global Education Conference

Here comes another big point…! Our friend Thomas Röhlinger, the Founder of Radijojo, is appointed as one of the keynote speakers at the Global Education Conference - of one of the best and most important events worldwide for students, teachers, parents, activists.

Thomas invited us to sit down with him and discuss: What are our most important points that we would like him to share with the Global Education Conference? He said “Let me be your postman!”, carrying our ideas and experiences.

But first, he left us alone for a while, so that we could make up our minds, without anyone influencing us.
And then, we come together to a very intense and fruitful group discussion, packed with cool ideas and clear reflections of education today, in the past and tomorrow; in urban Marrakech, in rural Morocco and worldwide. In the slideshow are some first snapshots!

Don’t miss the Global Education Conference – and have a look on all the fantastic contributions to the previous conferences. Here, you find the future of education on planet Earth:



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