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Here are the winners...

...of the 2nd Radijojo drawing competition on children's rigths. Congratulations!

Children from Rwanda, Morocco, India and Germany sent us their art pieces. We received pictures from very young, but also from older students, therefore we got four different age categories.
And here they are - the pictures with the most votes:

Age category 6 to 9:
Here we got three first winners: Len, Batul und Fatma, but no second or third: 

1st place: Len, 8 years, from Berlin/ Germany (right to education)

1st place: Batul, 6 years, from Berlin/ Germany (all children have rights)

1st place: Fatma, 8 years, from Berlin/ Germany (all children have the right to go to school)

And here are the winners of age catogory 9 to 10: Karo, Mohammed und Hannah:

1st place: Karo, 10 years, from Berlin/ Germany (right to education, food)

2nd place: Mohammed, 10 years, from India (right to play and freetime)

3rd place: Hannah, 10 years, from Hamburg/ Germany (right to education, participation, special care and support for disabled children)

We continue with the children between 11 and 13 years. All winners of this category are from India: Saikat, Sudipta und Sujay.

1st place: Saikat, 12 years, from India (right to education, free time, not to work)

2nd place: Sudipta, 11 years, from India (right to have a family)

3rd place: Sujay, 12 years, from India (right to special protection during conflicts and war)

And here is the last age group: children older than 14 years. The winners are Shimo Yvon, Clement und Eliakim from Rwanda:

1st place: Shimo Yvon, 14 years, from Rwanda (right to education)

2nd place: Clement, 14 years, from Rwanda (right to free time)

3rd place: Eliakim, 14 years, from Rwanda (right to have a family)

Once again: Congratulations to all winners! And a big thank you to all participating children. We really appreciated the work of all kids who send us their pictures.

Here you can see kids from India while choosing the best pictures. All participating child where also part of the jury. 
We collected all entries until end of the year and then sent all pictures to all participants, so that they could vote for the ones they liked most.

And here is the jury from Hamburg, Germany.


We organised an exhibition with all winning pictures in a youth center in Berlin. There we awarded some of the winning kids, among them: Fatma.


In 2017 Radijojo will organise another drawing competition on child rights. Details will be announced soon. So stay tuned!


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