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About Us

We are Discovering the World!

How do kids in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe actually live?

  • What is their day-to-day life like in India or Ghana?
  • Can all kids in Nigeria go to school?
  • What's the favourite meal for kids in Afghanistan?
  • How do kids in Uganda protect the environment? 
  • In which countries are children's rights not being implemented very well?
  • And what exactly are the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations?

You can learn all this and more in the Radijojo series - 'We are Discovering the World'!

- African children report on their lives in a refuge camp in Malawi.
- School children from Kyrgyzstan tell stories and legends from their country.
- Kids from Thailand explain their environmental projects.
- Schools in Germany play music for their new friends in Nigeria.
- You can hear a wonderful poem written by Pia, an autistic girl from the German city of Leverkusen who cannot speak but is a super poet. Her poem was recorded by school children in India.

And there is plenty more!

But the adults also get their say:

  • The chimpanzee expert and UN peace messenger Jane Goodall explains what she would wish for from her fairy godmother.

But that's just the beginning. More and more countries are getting involved!

So, take a listen. Write and tell us what you think. Please participate!
Just contact us at:
And please show your teachers our website, because it is also suitable for lessons in the classroom.

Project manager: Nicole Wilden

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