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We discover the world06/11/2014

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Childrens Rights in Bangladesh


We, class 6a from the Catholic School Liebfrauen in Berlin, carried out a project week on the topic 'The Rights of the Child' and explored Bangladesh.

Day 1
This day we got acquainted with radio technology und edited our own songs. Furthermore we introduced ourselves in English and German and inserted the recordings into the radio show. Also we dealt with the prime children's rights.

Day 2
We built teams to get acquainted with Bangladeshian daily life, education and traditions. Finally we  presented our results to the class.


Day 3
Today we received a guest, who is a Bangladeshian native. He told us about life in Bangladesh. After answering all our questions he showed us national costumes and jewelery which he gave to the girls later. He also brought some henna paste which the girls put on. Then we carried out a video conference with street children in Bangladesh. The German and Bangladeshian kids sang some songs and introduced themselves to each other. The children told us about their hard life on the street and their labour that violates children's rights.


Day 4
Some us went outdoors and interviewed people on children's rights and the world day against child's labour.


Some edited the sound and some wrote moderations. We, Lilith and Nina, began to write this text. Also we listened to our finished songs.


Day 5
The editors were under high pressure, all finished the texts and audios. The Web page was written and pictures selected and inserted. The interviews were edited and introduced. 
Kind regards to the children in Dhaka, Bangladesh and many thanks the aid organization Street Children LEEDO

Editors: Anton, Hagen, Luke, Grete, Lukas, Jakob, Ferdinand, Henrike, Zita, Lucas, Peer, Leonard, Linnea, Jessica, Juliette, Nina, Julia, Lilith, Börries und Valery!

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