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We discover the world06/20/2012

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Interview with kids from the Victory School in Obada Oko


We, the Radijojo reporter kids from the 4th grade at Anna Lindh School in Berlin, discover Nigeria!

Even the folks at Radijojo had never experienced anything like this before:

Just imagine it, 24 students from Germany held a telephone interview with kids in Nigeria. And on the Nigerian side it wasn't only one school class that gathered to take part, but the whole school!

More than 260 kids from the small Nigerian town of Obada Oko gathered to tell us about their school, their daily lives and their music, and to talk about how children's rights are implemented there.

That's probably a contender for the Guinness Book of World Records! Take a look at these photos! They even had to put up a tent so the kids could sit in the shade.

Not only did we learn a lot about each other, we also sang a Nigerian rain song together. Soon you'll be able to hear all of this and more from our new friends in Nigeria, right here in our series "We Discover the World“ from Radijojo.

A very big 'thank you' goes out to Kenny Sobiyi and teachers Mrs. Yusuf and Frau Bach. Without their help, this super African-German children's radio bridge would not have been possible.

Ese!... this means 'thank you' in Yoruba, one of the local languages in Nigeria.



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