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Salam Aleikum02/02/2017

School Report Morocco Germany

Future Generation Magazine

We must be free to say what we want!

Salam Aleikum! Hello!

We are all from Morocco - from the city of Marrakech and from nearby villages. During the holidays, we made our first newspaper, the "Future Generation Magazine". Here are versions in English, French, German and Arabic.

Our first article is about freedom of expression. Everyone can say and write what they want. This is dicribed in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But, of course, this only applies so far as no one hurts somebody's feelings. In addition, we must respect the opinion of others.
Then we talked about violence, in particular about violence against women. Men and women are actually equal in our country, which is also mentioned in our constitution. Unfortunately, there are still men who do not accept this. We have considered this problem and discussed how to solve it.

In November 2016, the United Nations Climate Change Conference took place in Morocco. Representatives from 196 countries have participated and considered how the global temperature change can be limited. There are already some good ideas, for example, the expansion of public transport. Why not use a public bus, walk or cycle instead driving your own car? In Marrakech there are already a lot of stations where you can rent bicycles for little money.
Our next topic is smoking. We've been thinking about why there are still so many teenagers who smoke cigarettes, even girls.

The youngest among us learnt about children's rights and made pictures with the rights that are most important to them.

And here we are, the reporters of the "Future Generation Magazine".

We have worked in small groups. Each team choosed one topic.

At first we collected ideas for our articles.

The layout group was busy with first sketches for the header and the logo.

Here you can see the group which worked on the topic "smoking".

We got long discussions before we wrote our articles.

Here you can see the layout group again, still very busy...

Ha! Our reports are already finished!

We just have to type it.

The layout group decided: The header of our newspaper is a book with people of different ages - four different generations.

Here we are again - all of us.

We hope you like our newspaper and we are looking forward to the next edition.




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