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Salam Aleikum12/10/2016

School Report Morocco Germany

Book instead of broom!

Here comes the first student newspaper from Khmassa.

We are the children from Khmassa. Our village is located in Morocco, near the city of Marrakech. You can read our newspaper "Khmassa Youth Magazine" in German, Arabic, English and French. We report on children who work, about girls' football and many other issues, which are important to us. First, we explain why some people still can not read and write. What measures need to be taken to improve this?

Our next article is about children from Khamassa, especially girls, who leave the village to work in town. All children of the world have a right to play and free time, to recreation and to education. So throw away the broom! We are thinking about what need to be done that children can go to school rather than help in foreign households.
Post from Germany! We received ideas for peace-designs on t-shirt from students in Berlin on the occasion of the International Peace Day on 21 September. And, of course, we also got many ideas!

And this were not only ideas, the t-shirts also were printed!
Then we thought about a better infrastructure in our region. It's about more buses, hospitals, doctors, but also about a better drainage system.

And now: sport! We play soccer and really enjoy it - even the girls! 
Another important issue for us is pollution. We would love less waste on the road. This can be solved well: By throwing garbage into trash cans. It would also be good if less plastic bags were used. In many supermarkets in Morocco, plastic bags are already banned. But that is not enough.

Here you can see some pictures that we painted on environment and health.

And so we worked: First of all we discussed our topics in individual reporter groups.

We then introduced our ideas to all other students.

This is the layout group: This group was responsible for the design of our newspaper.

Here we are writing our articles.

The newspaper is almost finished.


That was a lot of work! But we got a lot of fun!

And that's us! The editorial team of the "Khamassa Youth Magazine".


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