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Say no to racism!

What can be done against bullying and discrimination at school?

Salem Aleikum! We are the students of the Mansour Eddahbi Middle School. Our school newspaper is called "Mansour Eddahbi Kids Magazine" - choose your version: German, Arabic, English and French. We have mixed classes in our school. Boys and girls are learning together. Some of us are living far away from school. The way to school is not safe for girls. This is why we have a boarding house where the girls live from mondays to saturdays. We will report on this in our first article.

The next article is about bullying and discrimination. This is also the case in our school - because you have a darker skin color than the others or because you come from a certain place. We are thinking about how to solve this problem.

Our next article is about gender equality - women and men, girls and boys, have the same rights. This also defined in the Moroccan constitution from 2011. But there are still may things which need to improved. 

And now, it's all about music! We have considered why music is so important. And we have created a top 10 list of our favorite songs. In the pictures you can see some traditional Moroccan instruments.

We continue with our school We have solar panels on the roofs, which produce some of the electricity we need at school. This is good for environmental protection. But we are very annoyed about the rubbish in the schoolyard. This need to be changed and we have considered a lot.

There are several recycling workshops in our school. Here we have made flowers from used plastic bottles.
And here is another issue we are very concerned about: When we go home, we see many children begging on the street and often, they have no real home. We find that these children need better support. Some organizations already exist, but there should be many more.

And so we started: We voted on the name of our newspaper.

We worked in mixed teams.

Eerything had to be typed. We also edited photos and self-made pictures.

Of course, the photos in our newspaper were taken by ourselves.

And here you can see us all.

Enjoy reading our newspaper! See you next time!


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