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About hair styles, children's rigths and cheating in school....

Here is our student newspaper from Sid Zouine!

We are the students from Sid Zouine, a small town near Marrakech, Morroco. One week we have been working to finish our newspaper. It's available not only in Deutsch (PDF), Arabic (PDF), but also in Englisch (PDF) and Französisch (PDF).

Important issues for us were school and puberty, children's rights, gender equality and the SDG's, the Sustainable Development Goals. You will learn more about the SDG's later.
Our first article is about childen's rights and particulary the rights for children who have to grow up without any parental care.

Another topic was puberty. Do you know this? You are 13, 14 or 15 years old, spending hours in the bathroom, your parents do not understand you anymore and your parents constantly arguing with you? We discussed what it means to be a teenager and how to deal with our families in those times. The scenes here are recontructed, nobody of us took drugs or smoked! 


There are many poets among us! They wrote many peace poems for a Peace Poem Book published by our Indian partners 'Peace Gong'. The poems are about the conflicts in Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Syria and about the world we want in the future.

And now to a very sensitive issue - cheating! We don't want to give you any practical tips, but we want to explain why so many students are cheating in exams and tests.

Let's have some fun - with jokes, quizzes and ....a math problem!

And now to a very seriuos and important topic, the SDG's - the Sustainable Development Goals. Sounds complicated? Yes, but it isn't! In the year 2015 the United Nations agreed on 17 goals. The aim of these goals is to commit efforts towards ensuring that people around the world live better, without damaging the planet. 
We worked in particular on goal 5 - gender equality.

And, despite all conflicts in the world, we want to point out, that it shouln't be so difficult to live in peace with each other - if all people respect general rules!

We also have some more peace poems for you!

Here we are!

Please have a look at our art gallery - with pictures about child rights, peace and environment protection!

That's how we worked - in mixed groups!

We did everthing by ourselves - photos, drawings, layout!


Thank you so much for your interest! We are looking forward to present to you soon the next edition of our students magazine "Youth Development of Sid Zouine"!

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