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Salam Aleikum07/10/2016

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The El Fatouaki Generations Newspaper

Salam Aleikum - Hello and welcome! Here comes the first edition of our school magazine - the 'El Fatouaki Generations Newspaper'!

We are the students of Hommane El Fatouaki Middle School in Loudaya, a little town near Marrakech, Morocco. Almost all of us have mobile phones. But before we started the project, just a few of us had any knowledge of using computers. We quickly learned how to create and design our own newspaper. We wrote ALL articles by ourselves!

Here is our magazine in different languages:

In German:   
El Fatouaki Generations Newspaper - German.pdf

In English:
El Fatouaki Generations Newspaper - English.pdf

In French:
El Fatouaki Generations Newspaper - French.pdf

And of course, in Arabic:
El Fatouaki Generations Newspaper - Arabic.pdf

Our first article is about the issue of dropping out of school in rural areas in Morocco. Most of the students who do not finish school are girls. Many efforts have been made by our school to change the situation in our area - because education is one of the children's rights and because it's very important to finish school successfully. We have a school bus, which takes students who live far away to school in the morning and brings them back home in the afternoon. And we even have a boarding school for girls.

For our article, we also did an interview with our school director and we did some “number cracking”, by evaluating statistics. 

El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung

We We all want to pass the final examinations. Oussama did a survey and asked us, what we want to become in the future. Many of us want to become doctors, lawyers or architects; some imagine their future as policemen or soccer players.

We did not only think about our future, but also about the past. For this purpose, we wrote an article about traditions in Morocco - about the customs of wedding and child birth celebrations.

El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung

Imagine: We also cooperated with school magazine reporters from other countries - Germany and India! Let's start with India. We got in contact with children and youth who are working for the 'Peace Gong Magazine' It's not a school magazine, but a newspaper with contributions from students from all part of the country. Main topics of the newspaper are peace and children's rights.

Here is an interview with the 'Peace-Gong' reporter Kanupriya. We learned a lot from her - about India and about the 'Peace Gong Magazine' .

El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung

Beside peace and children's rights we also discussed environmental problems. Our article is about waste of water and water pollution. And we added some ideas to improve the situation. 

And, of course, having fun is also important! Here are jokes and a quiz!

El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung

Now, we proudly introduce you to the  'Teuti-Magazin'. That is the school newspaper of 'Teutoburger' primary in Berlin, Germany. We exchanged questions and answers with the 'Teuti' reporters team about our school magazines and about life in Germany and Morocco.

And here is the editorial team of  'El Fatouaki Generationen Newspaper'. That's us, some of our teachers and the people of Radijojo.

El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung El Fatouaki Generations Schülerzeitung


And this is how we started:  First we thought about the name of our school magazine. There were many suggestions - so we did a voting. We decided for the name 'generations newspaper' because we would also like elderly people to read our magazine.

Boys and girls worked together - in reporter groups with five participants each. 

All groups presented their ideas and results to the others.

We did researches, got many discussions and had a lot of fun! 

Even if we learned journalistic skills, sometimes some corrections were needed.

These are the participants of the layout group. They were responsible for design and shape of our magazine.

They also did all logos and the header with the entrance of our school. They painted it by themselves with water colour.


And here are more impressions of our workshop.



We are already very excited about the next edition of our school magazine and we are looking forward to staying in close touch with our new friends in Germany and India.

Thanks to everybody who participated.

The 'El Fatouaki Generationen Newspaper' is part of the Radijojo project 'Salam Aleikum - Kids' News for Peace and Development'.


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