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We discover the world03/12/2015

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The winner of our art competition on 25 years of children's rights have been selected! Children from five countries sent us their ideas and wishes about education, gender equality, abolition of child labour and about family and friendship.

The jury was also international: students from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Germany have chosen their favourites.

Listen here to our radio show on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the children's rights convention!

And here they are: The drawings that have received the most votes:

Ela from Berlin has won the first place in the category 5-9 years.

Aneesa from Pakistan has won in the age group 10 to 13.

And Paul from the Ivory Coast is the winner of the 14 to 17 years old kids.

Well done! Congratulations to the winners!

And of course, a big compliment and thank you goes to all the other young artists who participated! Sure, we have some prizes for the winners - painting materials and a cds, but also all others will get a little surprise!

Here are some pictures of the national jury teams while choosing the best pictures. The decision wasn't easy – of course, there were so many fantastic drawings!

What would have been your choice?

Have a look on all pictures we received - from Lahore in Pakistan, Johannesburg in South Africa, Kathmandu in Nepal, Kerala in India, Aboisso in Ivory Coast and from Berlin in Germany!



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