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We discover the world05/07/2013

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Millennium Goals

"We are Discovering the World: Asia"

"Millenni--huhm?" "Millennium Goals?" 

Never heard of the word?

Well, then you are like most people -- child or adult, or whether you live in India or Germany.

This is a shame, because the Millennium Goals deal with some of the most vitally important questions facing humanity at the start of this new millennium.

They are about a wolrdwide agenda to address these critical issues:

- To combat poverty and hunger worldwide.

- To provide universal primary education for all children.

- To provide for a healthy and sustainable environment for all.

- To combat the most dangerous diseases, as well as caring for babies and giving mothers the necessary medical attention at childbirth.

The United Nations has organized a very good campaign to tackle these problems, but it can only be effective if all nations agree and cooperate together.

We took a closer look at Germany and how it is doing on its commitment to the Millennium Goals.

Beyond that, we have a whole lot of questions we would like to ask you. What is it like in your country? Do you think India will be able to comply with its goals?

Hey, maybe we could put something together! We are very anxious to learn about your world!

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