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We discover the world01/21/2011

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Hello Afghanistan! Salam Afghanistan!


We are the students from the Winterhude comprehensive school in Hamburg, Germany.

We are Niklas, Finja, Lena, Anna Belle, Johanna, Leni, Sofia, Rona, Alex, Omid, Pia, Tobias, Luna, Sarah, Lieselotte, Victor, Leon, Jonathan, Anton and Ella.

We have conducted interviews, made music, researched and found out quite a lot about Afghanistan. We have learned how to use a recording device, written letters and painted pictures for our new friends, and we have also invented a card game for them: Kidsmons.

  In our show, you can hear interviews with students from Kabul and Andkhoi, along with music from Afghanistan and from us, too.
We also Skyped with the heads of two community radio stations in Afghanistan. They explained how they make their radio shows with and for the children there, and they also talked about children's rights
in Afghanistan.

We invited Tanya, who works for an organization that builds schools in Afghanistan, to tell us about the country and the lives of people there -- especially the children -- and she brought us many great photos from Afghanistan. Now we know how the children in Afghanistan live, what they eat and whether or not they can go to school!
We received letters, photographs and drawings by Afghan children, and we are writing back to them! You will be able to see and hear all this here soon -- on   Radijojo's  "We are Discovering the World"

 We want to continue to stay in touch with the children in Afghanistan, now that we are already pen-pals. We hope that even more will happen -- this is why we started a school partnership! And we would like to perform a play at our school -- and donate the money from the entrance fee -- so that even more schools can be built in Afghanistan.


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