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We discover the world01/04/2011

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Fragen an Kinder in Afrika

Fragen an Kinder in Afrika

Dear friends in Africa,

as you can hear here, we have tons of questions for you. Some of them focus on health since this was the main issue of our workshop. But we are interested in all other things you want us to know about your live, too.

We are very curious, and we would be so happy to receive some answers from you.


the kids of FIPP afternoon club of Gottfried Roehl primary in Berlin, Germany. Here are our questions:

What do you eat?
How do you live?
Do in your country only rich children attend school or poor children, too?
Do you have games in Africa?
How do your houses look like?
How many meals do you have per day?
With what (kind of ball) do you play soccer?
Do you have pets / domestic animals?
Do you have soccer clubs?
Do you have electricity?
What cloths do you wear?
How do you treat yourself, when you have a wound?
Are you all brown?
What kinds of cars do you have?
Do you have bicycles?
How many kids are in one class at your schools?
How do you make candles?
How do you light fires?
Do you have enough medicine?
How many schools do you have?
Do you have enough hospitals?
Do you make balls yourself with plastic or rope or do you buy them?
Where do you get your clothes?
What kind of diseases do you have?
What kind of diseases are there in your region?
Do you have soccer cards?
Is there AIDS in your town?
Do you have sufficient medicine against AIDS?
Are there many diseases?
Dou you have toys?
Do you have cabs / taxis?
Do you have sufficient clean water?
How do you live?
Do you drink a lot of water or not?
Do you have weapons?
Do you have Doner Kebab (= a turkish fast food, consisting of bread with sliced meat and veggies)?

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