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What do have watermelons, taekwondo and sheep in common?

Right! These are all topics of our newspaper, the 'Loudaya Talents' Magazine'!

We are students of little town of Loudaya and the surrounding villages. We are between 8 and 18 years old and we are the editors of the 'Loudaya Talents' Magazine'. Topics of our students newspaper are Moroccan traditions, sports, child rights and many more. We did our newspaper in our summer break and it's available in German, English, Arabic and French!

We started with the Muslim celebrations of Eid Lfiter and Eid Adha. And here the sheep are coming into play: because they will be slaughtered on the occasion of Eid Adha, the sacrificial feast.

We continued with waterpollution and wasting of water. We thought about watermelons, which are raised in our region, even they consume large amounts of water. 

And here are some tips, how you can protect the environment.

That's how it looked like here years ago. Nowadays there is no water anymore, just a dried river bed.

We also worked on the child rights, particulary on the problem of early marriages. We discussed the reasons and thought about solutions.

You may not believe: even our city is very small, we have more than 100 members in our taekwondo club! In our next article we explain where this sport has its origin and how it got to Morocco. We also have a report about the art of Quran Recitation for you!

And now - let's go international! We exchanged questions and answers with children in Germany and we got a special guest from Berlin: Mina. She explained a lot about this European country and the life there. Furthermore we did an Arabic-German dictionary together. 

A very important topic for us is violence in schools - not even violence by teachers, but also violence among students.

Here is our whole team.

We all worked together - also the very young ones with the very old ones!

In all editorial teams we got boys and girls!

We wrote all articles by ourselves!

And also the layout was our idea!



We discussed a lot!


And finally we came up with our newspaper!

Best wishes from Loudaya in Morocco! See you soon!


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