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Border transcending research in the Arctic

A video conference with the polar station 'Koldewey'


The Koldewey Station is a German-French research station on Spitsbergen.

The island of Spitsbergen is located in the Arctic Circle and part of Norway. Scientists from all over the world conduct polar and environmental research here.

But how is this done? And how do the researchers live there?

We talk to the station manager, Verena Mohaupt, and the station engineer, Christelle Guesnon, about work and life so far north.

All the reporter kids are gathered and asking their questions.

What are you researching there? Which kind of devices do you use? Which animals can you observe? How do you get your food? And what about the garbage afterwards? Don’t you get homesick?

You can hear all the answers in our podcast. Simply click on the audio player above!


It's exciting to see how the researchers launch a weather balloon to measure the temperatures high up. This can be used to find out whether the climate has changed significantly.

This conversation is a fantastic experience for all Radijojo children.

Many thanks to Verena Mohaupt and Christelle Guesnon for the memorable interview.

Many thanks to the "Wissenschaftsjahr 2016*17" project group, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, for their kind support.


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