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Le futur du Maroc09/24/2014

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Taaataaa: We are featured in Global Education Magazine!


Global Education Magazine


Wow – what a global children’s media adventure for Peace: Remember our action for Peace with Radijojo here in Tamansourt?


This photo has now been presented in the Global Education Magazine!


Here is the link to the full article, check it out and share it with everyone:


Our photo is the highlight of an article that our friend  Thomas, Radijojo’s founder, wrote.

It is featuring all the work for Peace that Radijojo is doing; here in Morocco and worldwide.

The article came out as a special contribution of Global Education Magazine for World Peace Day – and this was exactly when Radijojo’s workshop started in our school!

We learned that our work has been seen by many many experts from across the world. We learned that our photo has travelled three continents, as the Global Education Magazine is based in Chile, Latin America.

When we learned about all this, we were sooooo proud!

Let’s keep going, guys! 




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