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Le futur du Maroc08/28/2014

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Ait Ourir -> Berlin -> Kuala Lumpur!


Today, all the kids from Ait Ourir had the chance to meet and quized Jonathan from Germany.

He is 18; and he is the co-founder of Radijojo. Since more than a decade, he is learning and practicing a lot to use media as a tool to learn, exchange and express himself. It was so cool talking to him, as you can hear.

And: we had the privilege to give him our messages for the World Summit on Media for Children 2014 in Malaysia. Jonathan will be there as representative of Radijojo. So, we made up our minds and collected small messages for him that we shared on his blog.


Everybody gave their best.


We came up with a list of great words and goal for the summit in the other end of the world.


And then, it was the magic moment where we handed one of our drawings over to him, to take it to Malaysia – as our common message to the World Summit. How cool is that? ;)



This is an official contribution of Radijojo World Childrenб‚Т€Т™s Media Network to the World Summit on Media for Children in Malaysia, to the Global Education Conference 2014, to the Global Alliance on Partnerships for Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL) and the International Day of Peace.

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