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Le futur du Maroc06/27/2012

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Global Media Forum features our Marrakech project!


Wow! What an experience!!!

We presented our project at the GLOBAL MEDIA FORUM in Germany – one of the best and most important conferences in the field of media, culture and education worldwide!

We reported about our work with Radijojo, presented our self-created poems and songs and we answered questions by media expertsТ  from all over the world at the GLOBAL MEDIA FORUM – all via skype, all live and direct!

As a special guest, we had our young radio talent who sang a wonderful song to the audience at the conference and in Marracech. A great applause to her!

Deutsche Welle recorded the whole session, inclduding our contributions. You can listen to it here.

The feedback from Bonn was very good. According to Radijojo’s Wolfgang Fischer who was the main presenter, the audience really felt the spirit and power that we have in our workshop. Radijojo received new cooperation requests from Brazil, Philippines, Palestine, Colombia – right on the venue…

This was a truely amazing global media flash to all of us… Yeah!

Many thanks to all who wade this possible!



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