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Le futur du Maroc06/30/2012

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Meeting youth activist Jonathan / our Youth Parliament


Today, we met Jonathan from Berlin via skype. He is

  • the co-founder of Radijojo: together with his father Tom, he invented Radijojo when he was five years old. Since then, he has done many reports and radio shows for Radijojo. Today, being 15 years old now, he is a media activist writing his own blog: jodablog.com. When we learned that he recently wrote about the situation in Syria, we asked him for his oppinion. Jonathan pointed out that most important is to find a peaceful solution.
  • he represented Germany at the Global Youth Media Council in Sweden

This council, consisting of youngsters from all continents, created a declaration for more and better media for children and youth worldwide. He shared this experience with us.

  • Jonathan is member of the municipal children and youth parliament of Berlin. Here, he recently was part of a media campaign: with self-created flyers, they called upon the owners of dogs in his community to clean up the poo of their pets, since sometimes walking on the streets of his neighborhood is sometimes a real adventure… :(

This was a good occasion to share our experience with Youth Parliament in Morocco:

It is good to have it, but it is not free of problems, as you will hear in our podcast.


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