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Le futur du Maroc07/02/2012

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Ideas for better school by Rokia


 Greetings from the sunny city!

I am Rokia, 15 years old. I would like to share my ideas why some things in school should really change – and how can achieve this. Your comments, please! ;)

Teens and education

If you ask some youth about what they do when they comeback at home a lot of them will say: hanging out with my friends or watching TV but itт€™s rare when someone said i read a book! Why?

Every teen has got a dream but when he sees that there is no way to make it true he starts giving up and his energy is changing from positive to negative then he starts wasting his time on thing that did not matter

Because when I look around I see young people playing trading cards, eating, drinking, and enjoying the nice company of gorgeous women because their dream had changed from being someone who can helps in the development

Of our country into just looking like rock or metal stars and this is happening because of our system of education I think that it must change and we have to learn more about languages and not only focus on math or science we have

to add some new subjects : artistic subjects for example because when I look around in class I see bored students listening to music, laughing, writing messages in paper for each other or just complaining all the time .

But when you ask them why? They will say the teachers are boring and itт€™s their fault and the teachers will say the opposite this is normal because students are different and every student has got his favorite kind of teachers, some

Some student want a funny teacher whoт€™s rarely coming to school, the other want a serious one. But teachers want a good, polite student who get good marks, so this how the conflict between students and teachers starts thatт€™s

Why I think that teachers should stay near from their students and try to be their friends also help them to solve their problems because some teachers want to make students move like they change channels with remote control

but I donт€™t blame them because students are part form the problem and they have to respect them this is why I suggest a little advice : т€œteachers be friendly , student be gentle т€œ so letт€™s work together to make it our logo

Written by Rokia


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