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Le futur du Maroc07/03/2012

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We train the trainers – and they train us ;-)


After working very productive with children and youth in Marrakech, we have now the wonderful chance to share our experience with educators from a whole variety of backgrounds, from all over the region:

Tough women and men working with former street children, teaching reading and writing to women, lecturing at university…..

Together, we develop a whole bunch of ideas as to who we can create good educative projects together; be it in the mountain villages of the High Atlas or in Marrakech; be it with marginalized children or highschool students.

Thus, we may involve more and more young people with our project – be it in schools, in youth centres or at home. Today, tomorrow and in many more time to come.

Aabouda is from the local radio station. Great to have her in the group, too – she knows how to handle the technics pretty well!

And Fatima, who was one of our young trainees in the first round, is now already an expert sharing her knowledge!

Fantastic work, everybody! A very inspiring and creative experience! We are very happy that you liked it and want to intensify our new cooperation.

We have listed some of the best educational resources you find worldwide, as discussed in the course, right here:




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