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Le futur du Maroc07/03/2012

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Khadija: Connecting Maghreb and Europe with music


Dear friends in Marocco, Europe and all over the world,

I would like to shar esome songs with you. Two songs are from Morocco – and one is from Spain. This reflects my biography: I have lived in Spain for some time and thus know both continents.

The first song is my contribution to the national music competition.

The second song is from Spain.

The third one is a traditional Arabic song. It is about love in general; it is a moroccan song from our heritage, it talks about the Suffering after you have left your beloved and it is a moroccan music, the name of the song is ” rajii we nadam dmoo” by Mohammed el hayani who is one of the oldest moroccan singers like Hamid Zahir.

I hope you enjoyed my musical bridge connecting both sides of the Mediterranean sea.

Yours, Khadija


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