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Le futur du Maroc07/06/2012

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Samah and Hadhoum: Our poem for the children


I’m Samah, 19 years old and I’m studying at the English department. Together with my friendТ  Hadhoum, I wrote a poem what is dedicated to children. It’s about when they are born at the situations they are in when they grow up.

For the children

Our children are here to stay,

But our babies are not, Iт€™m sorry to say.

They grow and learn every day,

When we see their smiling face

Their happiness all over the place

Lots of races, ready, set, go

This is how our children grow.

Their ideas and thoughts in their eyes shine

Imagination is a glimpse of their mind,

Watch them as they learn to walk

Listen to them when they talk

Set good examples from which they will learn,

At home, school, wherever they go

This is where our children grow.

Presented by: Samah and Hadhoum


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