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Le futur du Maroc08/17/2012

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Let’s talk about water!


As you know, we want to fight for the environment. Recycling garbage for art was the first action we did. And now, we go for one of the most important issues in our life here in Taroudannt. Our city is close to the Sahara desert. Please enjoy our drawings of this endless desert in the heart of Africa, before we dig deep into the issue of water with you – and our guest expert Mina.

OK, and now please join our lesson with water expert Mina! She has been working for many years working on projects to deliver water to poor villages in our region. So, she knows what she is talking about. First, she explains the cycle of water to us – a cycle that is connecting the whole world.

The cycle of water (H2O)

Mina explaining the backbone of water (H2O)

And then, we brainstorm how we can save water and use it carefully.

Since as water is the source of life, we have to share it fairly to avoid hardships, hunger – and even wars.




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