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Le futur du Maroc08/18/2012

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Our children’s rights session with UNICEF!


Yes!!! We made it!

We had a great session with UNICEF Morocco in Rabat, our national capital which is far away from our hometown; a city that none of us has seen yet.

We were very excited; most of us have never talked about children’s rights before nor have most of us worked with skype, talking to people somewhere else; some of us only being 6 – 8 years old…

But we prepared very well and came up with tons of questions.
And then, the big moment came: Aniss Maghri of UNICEF was on the line.

and he did very well in sharing his thoughts with us!

So, please join our session to learn:

* about children’s rights

* about the work of UNICEF

* about how we can work for a better future for all children in our country.

Aniss also gave us some good tips on finding good jobs – maybe in such a fantastic international organization like UNICEF.

As of present, we drew some of our own versions of the UNICEF logo.

Below are two pictures of the kids and their drawings while there is a gallery at the bottom of the page displaying our individual artwork.

And now, enjoy our interview! It’s in Arabic; below you will find a wrap-up in English. (Due to the Internet connection some quality flaws might occur)

Many thanks to UNICEF Middle East/North Africa, to UNICEF Morocco and especially to Annis Maghri for sharing his time with us!

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Here is the English language wrap-up of the Skype session with Aniss Maghri, UNICEF Morocco. He is 39 years old and from Demnat. The kids asked him many questions like this:

Do children’s rights exist in Morocco ?

“Yes, they do, of course.”

When did children’s rights start in Morocco?

“Kids rights started decades ago.”

What are some of these rights?

“The right to live, to study, to have a decent life, to play, to be healthy and etc.”

Should a child drop out from school to go out to work?

“Never, never, never, never! The child should be in school until he/she is 15 years old, only then he/she can go out to work.”

What are the things that I should have if I want to work with an international organization in the future like UNICEF?

“You should be a hard working person, you should have high marks in your studies, and to master both French and English language.”



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