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Le futur du Maroc08/19/2012

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We fight for Environment & Peace with Jane Goodall’s “Roots & Shoots”


(Preface) Our actions for the environment that you find in our blog (garbage collecting, reycling art, tree planting) are our first contributions to the global network “Roots & Shoots”. This network connects children and youth across the globe on the fight for Peace and the Environment.

“Roots and Shoots” was founded by the world famous UN Peace messenger and environmental activist Jane Goodall. Her you see her with UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and Actor Michael Douglas.

(Photo: UN)

Jane is a great supporter of Radijojo since she has met the Radijojo kids – here, you can see her with Radiojo’s co-founder Jonathan:

So, now we are connected with like-minded friends in thousands of groups around the world, by becoming a little “Roots & Shoots” group in Taroudannt, Morocco!

A close up.



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