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Le futur du Maroc08/21/2012

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Bismillah: our songs for God


Hello everyone! As you know, our workshop is in the Holy month of Ramadan. On this occasion, we would like to introduce you to our traditions and believes – with songs that we would like to share with you.

I am Mohamed. I am 10 years old.
I am Mohamed. I am 11 years old.
I am Ossama. I am 13 years old.

We want to introduce you to a song that we like. It is called “Bismillah”. It means that you should thank god before you do something: before eating, sleeping, before you go up in the morning. We hope you like it.

Here is another one, by me, Soukaina. I am 13 years old.

Do you have some song like this, too, in your country?

Please share it with us!


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