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Le futur du Maroc10/09/2012

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Our school at “the end of the world”


Welcome to our school way up in the Mountains of the High Atlas! Some may say our village Tourcht is at ‘the end of the World’ since no road is leading any further from here. But we think it is the other way around: the whole wide world starts right here in Tourcht! : )

So please feel invited to our little school near the river bed. Here, children of all age groups learn together since there are only a few of each age in our village.

Join us for a music session live on our football ground beneath the walnut trees!

And find out the differences between school in German and Morocco – since Radijojo’s junior reporters Mimai, Mina and Lilly introduced us to life in their home country that none of us had known before…..

Many thanks to our visitors from Europe. We are greatly looking forward to working together with you in our common future!




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