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Le futur du Maroc10/09/2012

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We meet the kids in Berlin – live via internet


And now, we have a sensational world premier for you! For the very first time, school children in Ourika valley have met children in Europe live via internet! Straight from our classroom in Imin Tadart, we talked with the Radijojo kids in Berlin about all kinds of issues: from sports to food, from animals to weather.

And we also talked about the interesting issue of diversity. We learned, that the children in Berlin come from families who have their roots all around the world: Vietnam, Palestine, Guinea, Mauretania…. And from what they reported to us, this seems to work pretty well. In our school, all the kids have their roots in the village and the Ourika region.

All kids both in House of Youth Berlin and in Ourika said that they would love to continue this cooperation – well, then let’s roll! Many thanks to all of you, both in Germany and Morocco!


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